Zardi's Angels

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Feydreth's Memoirs

Some would think this journal entry would be about me, Valor, and Nicodemus; but they would be wrong. After a brief rest to bind wounds and readjust our gear, we started off to kill more kobolds. We entered a very strange room. There was a room in the center of the larger room. Two raised platforms adorned two walls and an alcove stood within the other. Upon the platform in the opposite wall three of the more powerful kobold-types stood ready for our attack. We rushed in, using the room in the center as cover from any missile attacks from said kobolds. That’s when the guard drake came out of the alcove.

My speed allowed me to run past the drake and stop the kobolds from attacking us with ranged weapons. I was able to push one kobold down in the path of a boulder-trap. If the boulder was heavier, it would have crushed the little guy. I paid for that move as two kobolds hit me hard. Nicodemus and Dara were taking care of kobolds that appeared atop the walls of the room in the center. Alain locked horns with the drake, and Mika began blasting the wormpriest.

Despite his grumblings about me, Nicodemus proved again to be a true comrade as he jumped off of the wall and joined my fray. Using his size and shiny sword to distract the kobolds, I was able to move around and plant swords in their backs. Soon, all of us were able to defeat our foes and we released Kalla from her imprisonment. The Good was her release and willingness to help us.

It seems that the priest would go into a secret door from time to time and exit in a scared manor. Sacrifices were taken with him. We met the Bad when we trotted down to a cold subterranean chamber with a frozen lake. The wizard from Col Fen was here. Well, his image was. He was miffed at our presence and sicked a dragon upon us. I have never faced a dragon before, but I knew the best way not to die was for the party to split up. Mika and I took off for the cover of some rock outcroppings. The worm’s icy blast froze some of our party members in their tracks. Nicodemus ran right up to the beast. No one could believe his daring, or was it stupidity. I was not about to leave him alone after he rescued me in the last battle. Mika spoke some words to the dragon that seemed to have some effect. I thought she was singing to it. She reminded me of my mother when I was young, when it was time to sleep and I could not settle down. My mom used to sing this song…

Before yesterday, I had never backstabbed a dragon. But I ran up behind him and stuck my sword right into the joint where the tail meets the body. This was the second time I had dealt good damage to this beast. Yet, it did not scream; it did not turn and spout ice upon me. The dragon’s mom must have sung the same song to this dragon, as it fell asleep. Right in the middle of combat. Mika is a greater weaver of magic than any of us realized. We made short work of the (sleeping) dragon.

Now for the ugly. As Nicodemus searched through some boxes looking for Argos’ dragon scales, he found a new little friend. A kobold, left to die among the rubbish, begged Nicodemus for his life and promised to be his servant. First, Nicodemus helped to save me when I was in trouble. Next, he stood toe to toe with a dragon. Now he has a sniveling servant. His ego will be unstoppable. Mark my words! The only bright side is that Valor is a jealous girlfriend. It will not allow anyone to distract Nicodemus from his sword-love.

Today was a good day! Mission accomplished! We survived.


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