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Paladin: Breakfast of Champions

The Word of Nicodemus

When I woke this day, I didn’t expect to be on the menu of a dragon. It seems, however, the unexpected is rather common for our line of work. After a brief rest, we continued through the Kobold caves in search of Kalla Brightlove. We came to a room with high walls in the center and far end. As we entered the room, several Kobolds attacked us from the far side. I attempted to climb the middle walls to get a better view of the room. It took me a minute or two, but I managed to get to the top. As I stood up, I could see down into a chamber. Kalla! She was being held in the center room and before I could attempt a rescue, two Kobolds who had been guarding her leaped to either side of me. Alain and Feydreth advanced into the room, taking cover from the ranged attacks of the other Kobolds. As they moved forward, a guard drake lept from an alcove and attacked. As Alain battled with the drake, Feydreth slipped by him and engaged the three Kobolds on the far side. Dara’s arrows flew from the doorway, whisking by all of us and striking Kobolds left and right and Mika scorched the beasts from a distance. It was a glorious battle!

I sliced through one of the Kobolds on the center wall and as his scaly body fell in two pieces to the floor, I noticed Feydreth slip behind another Kobold on a step below me. He struck it and pushed it off it’s perch knocking it in the way of a boulder trap that had been triggered. It was a cunning move. The confused Kobold screeched as the boulder rolled over him. He was stunned at what had happened, though still alive. We didn’t have time to enjoy the moment, however, as the other two kobolds jumped at Feydreth in retaliation. The kobolds were surrounding him and the third kobold he had knocked to the floor was also moving in for some revenge. I lept from the wall to join in the fight and even the odds. Together we continued finishing off the vile creatures and Feydreth was able to recover from their attempts to overwhelm him. I must say, it was rather interesting at one point, as Feydreth flipped over one of the kobolds, landed next to me and continued fighting. Rather impressive. His athletic abilities are improving.

It was at this moment that I felt heard Valor’s whispers. To those who haven’t held this sword in battle, it will be hard to understand. I could feel its pull to glory. I had a flash of the image of Kalla in the center room and an overwhelming feeling that I couldn’t leave her there. I thought of nothing else at that moment and rushed to the door. I knew, as we had all seen, that the boulder trap continued to circle the center room and it was approaching my position. But I was driven to get that door open and save Kalla. I regret having left Feydreth’s side during battle. A realization that didn’t even come to me until long after the moment. I could only think of the rescue. I charged to the door, but couldn’t get in at first. The boulder rounded the corner and I had to back away or be crushed by it. As I moved back toward Feydreth, my mind became clear again and we continued the fight until all of the Kobolds had been eliminated. Alain and Mika finished off the guard drake and the room fell silent. I immediately returned to the door, as Feydreth disabled the boulder trap. This time the door gave way and Kalla was free.

She informed us that she had seen a Kobold priest entering and leaving a small door on the far wall. He always appeared terrified of what was inside. She requested a wand from Mika and asked to join us as we entered the next room. As we entered, we saw none other than the wizard we had seen at Col Fen. Yes, the same wizard that I have mentioned no one seeming to care much about at the time. He was still only in an image form, but was not very happy to see us. Apparently, he also owned a very real dragon. A white dragon, who likes meaty Paladins it seems. The dragon came out of the shadows unexpectedly and we would all have been caught by surprise if not for Alain’s sharp senses. As the dragon approached us, we spread out. His strength and power was undeniable. With a quick flash of ice breath, Alain and Mika were frozen in place. Dara was hit next and stunned by the dragons attack. Several of us were able to hit the beast, but nothing seemed to phase it. Alain and I had both strengthened all of our defenses, but it wasn’t enough. As the dragon moved closer to our stunned friends, I had to do something. I ran to him and thrust my sword at his white scales. It wasn’t enough and the dragon simply looked at me and drooled at the prospect of a good meal. Before I could even think to get out of the way, he struck me with both claws and I was only just able to evade his jaws as they slammed shut above my head. With that, I was seriously wounded and thought the end would be near. It was then that Feydreth jumped into the fray and stabbed the dragon from behind. He gave me a look as if to say, “now we’re even.”

We then heard a strange chanting from Mika. It was as though she was humming or singing, but in draconic. I turned to see the dragon slowing in front of me. It stood for a moment, motionless and then sunk to the floor. Mika had put a white dragon to sleep! Never without surprises, that wizard. At that point all of us unleashed our anger on the beast and finished it off. Kalla healed each of us and we searched the cavern. I searched several boxes along the wall in the back of the cave when I heard a rustling and whimpering. I moved a large chest and found a sniveling Kobold hiding. My first instinct was to destroy it, but it begged for mercy. He was a slave and had been punished by the wizard. He helped us find the dragon scale Argos was looking for and also several other items and gold. The only problem? He insists he is now my servant. Great. The rogue will have lots of fun with this one.


“Lullaby and good night, dragon!” I now have Mika’s song stuck in my mind for the rest of the day. Thanks, Paladin-whose-servant-is-so-tiny. Fear not, I am sure it is no reflection of your leadership skills that Frik is so small. Maybe he has a big heart. Ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! Now you have two voices to sing you to sleep – Valor and Frik, your very own Dynamic Duo.

P.S. Thanks for the help with the kobolds…and for not “laying your hands” on me in the middle of combat. That is so distracting!

Paladin: Breakfast of Champions
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