Zardi's Angels

From Bad to Worse

Feydreth's Memoirs

I have often thought to myself that there is nothing more annoying than a member of your war party whispering and fondling his sword! Well, I was wrong! I have found something much more annoying. The overgrown lizard that has attached himself to my Paladin friend who continually asks to sort my lockpicks according to size and shape and who praises every little move of the paladin is much more annoying than Valor on its most moody day. That’s right. Worse than the time that Valor would sing “Kiss Me Deadly” during the battle in Kobold Hall! Worse than the day that it sang “I Want to Know What Love Is” when the paladin walked away from camp to relieve himself, followed by “I Want to Run Away…” when Nicodemus returned. First a moody sword. Now an OCD kobold!

But I meander. After consulting with Baron Zardi, we thought it most important to warn Markelhay of impending doom. The Lady has some intuition, but Lord Markelhay is devoid of reading elves or humans. As we feared, when we arrived, Markelhay had a meeting with a trader woman. We insisted upon protecting him, and I am glad we did. A daring plot had been hatched to overthrow the noble. In the courtyard we were ambushed. There was an overgrown human who almost did Markhelhay in. My companions made short work of him. Mallon Bladesinger and his former girlfriend before Dara also laid some good blows. Our defense was stout enough, though barely. Both of the elves taunted us before they departed. Unfortunately, the scorned woman took to long to utter threats against Dara. I dispatched her from the mortal world. She will wander in darkness for many a long year now. Mallon was none too pleased! We will have to deal with him someday, as he escaped us!

The one good thing in all of this is that there is relief in the eyes of Nicodemus. He protected Markelhay well. I know he was itching for battle, but he dared not leave Markelhay far behind. For a human, he is loyal and trustworthy. Dara has begun to love the feel of a sword in her hand. She is an elf whom evil must reckon with. Mika is not to be trifled with either. Her hands burn hot and cold at will. Alain has become a great protector and healer. If he will stay sober and face his beleaguered past, he will be a stout defender of his faith. I feel this band of warriors is worthy to be affiliated with…as long as that dratted kobold will leave my tools alone!


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