Tavern Attack

During the de-briefing from the party’s trip to see Lord Markelhay, an attack on the tavern was made by a large group of Kobolds. Kalla Brightlove was kidnapped and Argos Stoneheart was knocked out.

Argos was slumped against the door, preventing the group from getting in, but Feydreth quickly went out the back door and made it around to the smashed-in front doors. Once Alain surprised everyone by transforming into a bear and breaking down the door, the team was able to join the battle.

When the encounter was over, Elsus gave each team member an enhanced item to aid them in their quest to save Kalla, and sent them on their way.

Crude necklaces found on the bodies of the Kobolds identified them as members of the Skull-Kicker tribe.

Tavern Attack

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