Surean's Farm

Your first mission: Travel to the home of Surean to retrieve a map. An ally has already been dispatched to scout the area and wait for your arrival. You are travelling on foot, and have been given a crude map to a point where two paths intersect, just outside of the farm. You are to wait there for your ally to brief you.

Mission debrief: Alain, Dara, Mika, and Nicodemus arrived at the meeting location, but their contact was nowhere to be found. A small group of goblins were spotted coming down the road, and the decision was made to attack them. Mika wiped out 6 of the 7 goblins in one shot. After a short encounter with the lone survivor (which Alain mercilessly cut down in cold blood to the chagrin of Nicodemus), the party finally arrived at Surean’s Farm.

Feydreth was already inside Surean’s house, protecting him from a large raiding party. During the battle, Nicodemus rushed into battle, Feydreth acted like a Ninja, Dara and Mika stayed out of harm’s way while smiting goblins from afar, and Alain danced with one of the little goblins. Surean’s house was set on fire, and every goblin was destroyed.

Surean recounted his tale of the map, and Feydreth introduced himself. The group agreed to accompany Surean on his journey back to the tavern to sell the map to Elsus.

The group was attacked once more on the way to the tavern, but the goblins were swiftly dealt with. Dara made the wise decision to stay with Surean after his donkey was struck by an arrow…a decision which likely saved his life.

Surean's Farm

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