Onyx Skull

When the group decended into the last crypt in The Graveyard of Col Fen, they saw a horrifying sight. A young man was bound and gagged on top of a sarcophogus, and two ghouls were completing some dark ritual that would have likely ended in his death, or worse. A dark wizard stood by giving directions (via a magic portal), and other undead stood about the crypt awaiting the ritual’s completion.

The key to this ritual (and most likely the “key” mentioned in the magic runes on the back of Surean’s Map) was the half-sized Onyx Skull resting near the young man’s head. Bathed in a flickering purple light, it seemed to be draining the young man’s very soul from him.

The group managed to break up this ritual before its completion, but the skull was shattered into a dozen or more pieces. The undead were cleansed and the village of Nenlast was safe once again, but the secrets of the skull remained elusive. The Onyx Skull

Later that night, Mika had a dream which compelled her to put the skull back together. The group met back at the graveyard the next morning and descended once again into the underground crypt. The group had to work together to accomplish the task Some using magic, others using their fingers…Nicodemus even used his body to absorb some of the necrotic energy, keeping his companions safe. At the final moment when the skull fragments were once again joined together, the room erupted in a purple flash of light that came from the completed skull. The doors at the top of the stairs slammed shut, and the onyx skull went dark for the last time.

The flash of purple light from the skull must have awoken the ancient denizens of the graveyard. When the group freed themselves from the crypt, they saw a zombie carrying a brain in a jar, and a dozen more ancient (and badly rotted) zombies. The zombies attacked, but Dara immediately bloodied the main zombie, and the rest were dealt with rather quickly. The team worked well together up until the brain made it’s first attack. It somehow dominated Feydreth, but Nicodemus was able to prevent him from harming anyone.

Due to it’s powers of invisibility, the brain was able to avoid any direct attacks. This caused the melee-focused members of the team great distress. No one could figure out how to attack it, and several team members decided to either wait for an opportunity, or in Alain’s case, sit on the ground. Finally Mika managed to discern the area it was in, and subsequently blasted it with fire until it was destroyed.

What is the relationship of the brain in a jar with the onyx skull? The brain had been locked in that crypt for so long it had obviously gone insane, so no attempt at interviewing it could be made. Was the brain a leader in the original dealth cult that the legends of Col Fen speak of?

Onyx Skull

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