Meet Lord Markelhay

Upon returning home from the Graveyard of Col Fen, the group enters the Dragon’s Breath Inn to see Kalla Brightlove attempting to console Argos Stoneheart, who is drinking heavily. He recently purchased a green dragon hide at great expense, but the caravan that was bringing in to Fallcrest was attacked and raided by a group of kobolds on the King’s Road. He was intending to turn that dragon hide into a magnificent suit of scale armor, and had spent much of his savings on it. Kalla warned him that Elsus would be angry with Argos if he knew he were drinking that much. When asked why, Argos simply responded “you’ll have to talk to Elsus about that”.

Meeting Elsus in the back room, the group contacted Baron Zardi, there they gave him a full debriefing. Zardi requested that they meet Faren Markelhay, the Lord Warden of Fallcrest. They were given a token of Zardi’s to confirm their alliance, and made their way to Moonstone Keep.

Upon arriving, they noticed a local nobleman, Armin Kamroth leaving Markelhay’s throne room angrily.

As they attempted to begin their own meeting with the Lord Warden, Lady Allande Markelhay forbade Feydreth from entering, saying that she does not trust adventurers of no alignment, and that he would have to wait outside.

Nicodemus and Alain spoke with Lord Markelhay, and he was rather impressed with them. He was very eager to learn of their adventures, but did not seem to want to share much information. He did speak of his main concern at the moment, which was the recent attacks by kobolds from the Cloak Wood. He also seemed to be very alarmed at the mention of the groups of undead they had defeated.

Lady Allande asked Dara and Mika for a side meeting. She expressed her concern about plots brewing to overthrow or kill her husband, and asked them to please report back any information they might encounter that would assist the leadership of Fallcrest. She taught them a simple spell (Animal Messenger) which would allow them to pass on any news quickly back to the keep.

During these meetings, Feydreth snuck down the hall and overheard Armin Kamroth speaking to another noble. Kamroth was attempting to sway the other man to his side. It seems he is indeed plotting against the Lord Warden. Feydreth managed to sneak back into the main hallway without being noticed, but he did arouse the guard’s suspicions.

When all of these meetings were finished and the group was about to leave, a small group of goblins were seen approaching. Before any fights could break out, the captain of the guard assured everyone that these goblins are an envoy from the Daggerburg goblins, and were invited here by the Lord Warden to discuss the current rumors of goblin attacks on neighboring areas. Captain Harkness assured the gorup that they were under his protection as long as they were in Monnstone Keep. He did mention to Alain that any actions taken against goblins outside of the city were of no concern to him.

Meet Lord Markelhay

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