Kobold Hall

Kobold Hall is the local name of a deserted manor house in the Cloak Wood, just over a day’s journey West from Fallcrest. Once the home to a minor noble, it was demolished during the Bloodspear war, and it’s ruins now only hold a few tribes of Kobolds.

The skull-kicker tribe is one of the known groups that reside there. This tribe has become increasingly bold over the last few weeks, attacking caravans and larger groups they would normally have left alone. The road past the Cloak Wood has become unsafe due to their expansion.

Our intrepid adventurers ventured deep into the Cloak Wood, and managed to locate the old manor house. There was a lone scout perched in a tree that Dara and Mika were able to dispatch quickly and quietly, granting the group entry into the ruins without detection.

Once inside the ruins, they found the entrance to the dungeon beneath. It led to three rooms which were inhabited by a large tribe of Kobolds. The first room was a crypt laced with traps and tunnels. In the second room, the group interrupted the Kobold game of Skull-Skull, and in the third, they faced more traps, including a huge rolling boulder. After dispatching the chieftain and his minions, they rescued Kalla Brightlove.

Kalla told them of a possible greater danger lurking behind a hidden door. They ventured down through a cold, dark tunnel into a wide cavern where an image of the mysterious wizard from the Graveyard of Col Fen was waiting for them. After briefly taunting them, he let loose the real danger behind Kobold Hall, the young white dragon Szartharrax.

The party was dealt several vicious blows early in the battle, but the tide turned when Mika managed to put him to sleep! The rest of the group rushed forward and finished him off.

In searching the caverns, Nicodemus discovered the single remaining member of the Skull-Kicker tribe, an exiled Kobold named Frik. Frick swore allegiance to the party (especially to Nicodemus), and thanked them profusely for saving him. He also aided them in looting the dragon’s stash, where they located Argos’ missing dragon hide, among other treasures.

Kobold Hall

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