Isle of Eternal Vigilance

The map inside the Elven Puzzle Box led the group to this island in the middle of a dangerous ocean. After fending off the Zombie Pirates, they finally arrived and landed in a small area of calm sea on the southern side of the island.

As they cautiously made their way across, a water elemental appeared and greeted them. She questioned them as to how they found the island, then warned them of the “tests” to follow if they wished to retrieve the artifact. She stated that the tests would begin at the entrance located at the top of the hill, so the party continued on.

Above the door, the following riddle was written in Common: “It cannot be seen, cannot be felt. Cannot be heard, cannot be smelt. It lies behind stairs and under hills. Empty holes it fills. It comes first and follows after. Ends life. Kills laughter.”

The answer, “Darkness” was spoken, and the wheel turned to the next riddle. A small crystal shard was deposited on the doorstep (and another one was given for every correct answer below).

In Elven: “What goes through the door without pinching itself? What touches the stove without burning itself? What lays on the table and is not ashamed?”

“Light” was the answer given, and the wheel turned again.

In Giant: “Always hungry, must always be fed. The finger licked will soon turn red.”

“Fire” was the answer. The wheel turned.

In Goblin: “Three lives have I. Gentle enough to soothe the skin. Light enough to caress the sky. Hard enough to crack rocks.”

The answer was “Water”.

In Draconic: “All about, but cannot be seen. Can be captured, but cannot be held. No throne, but can be heard.”

“Air” was the answer.

In Dwarven: “Deep dark underground is the place where it is found. Brought into the light of day sprinkles light every way. Cut quick, and it is seen to instantly have a marvelous sheen.”

The final answer, “Diamonds” was given, and the wheel turned for the last time. A gentle “click” was heard, and the door opened slightly.

Having collected 6 small crystal shards, the party ventured inside. Various heroes attempted to put the pieces together as they descended the stairs into a small temple area. A few columns, an altar, and a fountain of holy water were all that were within.

The water elemental appeared again to advise them of their next test: assemble the crystal key and place it on the altar. When that was accomplished, a secret door slid open behind the altar, and the party ventured forth.

There they encountered the ghost of Edmund Vargas. He was trapped here while performing a ritual to turn himself into a Lich. Due to the dagger he had chosen to perform the ritual (and become his phylactery), his ritual failed and he became a ghost.

Unable to convince him to relinquish the dagger, the party was forced to defeat him. Though Vargas was able to possess Nicodemus twice and turn him against his friends, Vargas was eventually destroyed. The dagger was retrieved by Alain, and Mika picked up Vargas’ Spellbook. Upon disturbing the dagger, a rumbling could be heard above…

Isle of Eternal Vigilance

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