Graveyard of Col Fen

Upon arriving in Nenlast, it is discovered that there has been a few attacks by the undead recently. A week ago, a woman by the name of Rysa Gosen vanished from her home during the night. The next evening, a pair of zombies set upon a young man named Quen Laren who was working late in his fields. Quen was badly hurt, but he escaped to tell of the attack. And late last night, a family was taken from their home. The house showed evidence of a serious struggle. Marks in the dirt indicated several objects were dragged from the house toward the village graveyard.

The family consists of Kyla Tal, her husband Veran, their newbown child Lyse, and Kyla’s elderly father Holt Nas.

Upon entering the graveyard, a skeleton was found just emerging from a grave. Nicodemus dispatched it easily, but a woman’s scream was heard coming from one of the crypts.

Northern Crypt

In the first crypt, some undead were found to be guarding a young woman (Kyla) and her baby (Lyse). Whether they were to be eaten or sacrificed is not certain, but their undead guards were defeated, and the woman was freed. She begged the party to free her husband and elderly father, but was too hysterical to be of any help. Mika escorted her and her child to safety, while the rest of the party searched the crypt. A magical “thundering” bow was found, and Dara claimed it as her own.

Middle Crypt

The party resumed their sweep by entering the only other available crypt. An icy wind was blowing from inside, and when they entered, they saw the bodies of Holt Nas and Rysa Gosen. Alain and Nicodemus blessed the bodies. The rest of the crypt was empty except for a pair of magically warded doors that now stood open. Behind the doors was a set of stairs descending into darkness.

Underground Crypt

Descending the stairs, Mika cast a magical light and Alain threw a sunrod into the final crypt. It was previously only lit with a dim, flickering purple light, coming from an Onyx Skull placed near the head of a bound and gagged young man. He was placed atop a sarcophagus, while two ghouls and a dark wizard performed some unholy ritual. Several other undead were stationed around the crypt as observers and guards. They immediately started advancing on the party, but were dealt with quickly.

One of the ghouls managed to grab Feydreth, but he easily escaped. Dara once again showed her skill, and using her newfound thundering bow, obliterated several more skeletons. Alain redeemed himself for the “Dancing With Goblins” incident by turning many undead and rooting them in place.

Nicodemus put his sword to great use, and Mika showed great restraint by not unleashing her fiery magics…she could have taken out many undead at once, but would have damaged her comrades in doing so.

During the battle, the wizard (via some sort of portal – he was not physically present) ordered the ghouls to return and finish the ritual. Both Mika and Feydreth rushed to grab the skull, but Feydreth made it there first. He pushed the skull to the floor, and it shattered. Mika collected the pieces for further study, but the young man’s life was spared.

The unknown wizard spat out a curse and vanished, and the party finished sending the undead back to their graves (figuratively, of course).

Once the graveyard was cleansed of evil, the party escorted the young man (Veran) back to Nenlast and collected their reward (150gp).

Graveyard of Col Fen

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