Down By The Seaside

This map is painted on an old piece of grimy canvas (sailcloth). It shows a long, sandy beach surrounded by a cliff-what looks to be a quiet, private place. Above the cliffs, trees and boulders overlook a calm ocean. At the bottom of the cliff, a small cave opening faces the sea. A small stream flows from the mouth, cutting through the beach. The words “Thar be gold” and a thick stenciled hand point to the cave’s mouth.

Several rumors have circulated regarding this map:

A very clever counterfeiter used to operate in this area, casting tens of thousands of fake gold pieces and distributing them throughout the region, buying gems or other valuables with the false money. He was caught and executed about three years ago, but his hoard of money, gems, and counterfeit coins was never recovered. A 1,000 gp reward for the recovery of the coins’ mold still stands.

A paladin from a land across the sea came to villages and cities near this spot, looking for donations to save his region from a horrific disease. After collecting money for several months, he returned to the seaside to await the coming of the ship that was to carry him home. It is said that he died before the ship arrived, and the money he collected was never found.

An evil imposter once assumed the place of a trusted servant of the king. This vile soul fled with the king’s daughter and demanded a ransom exceeding 2,000 gold pieces for her return. The king produced the money, marked it with the face of his daughter, and sent another servant to deliver it and to bring his daughter home. Neither servant, daughter, nor ransom were heard from again. It is said that anyone using this money is to be captured and delivered to the king, for he or she is the kidnapper.

There is a magical map that shows the way to an evil sea hag’s trove. It has a horrible curse placed on it. Anyone finding the treasure becomes hexed.

Encounter Summary.

The body of Ganilar was found inside the cave, along with two chests. On Ganilar’s body, the magic sword Valor was found, along with a +1 Symbol of Turning. One of the chests was un-locked, but only contained unreadable water-logged books. The other chests contained 800gp. These coins are engraved with the face of a beautiful young woman. Half of these coins are counterfeits, lead slugs covered with a thin layer of gold. The forgery is so good that only precise weighing of each coin, scraping a coin with a blade, biting a coin, or the like will reveal the fakes.

2 Deathjump Spiders had made their den inside the cave. They attacked and managed to poison Nicodemus, but were finally defeated.

Down By The Seaside

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