Zardi's Angels

Illiteracy High Among Adventurers
Feydreth's Memoirs

(It seems that at some point during our adventures, some evil mage has cast a “cannot write” spell upon us. It has been 4 months since an adventure log post!!!)

We have been in this cursed building long enough. I want to feel natural earth under my feet once again. Traps, enchantments, and undead is all we have found here…and some enormous oozing creature.

There must be something to this “god” thing. Nicodemus has such faith, and now we find ourselves in an old building dedicated to his deity. I almost die fighting an ooze-thing. Nicodemus gets a shield! We get attacked by undead…and Nicodemus finds his deity made into action figures! I always figured religion was a money-making scheme. So here I walk through the underground maze carrying a dragon mini in my pocket. Boy do I feel foolish!

Alain has proven himself a mighty warrior for good and life! His turnings of these undead creatures has saved our hides. Alain speaks, and the creatures burst into these vessels of light that seems to eat at them from the inside. Indeed, the gods of good do good things for their followers.

I guess it’s time I serve someone greater than myself…(even though that’s hard to find.)

Death and Drek!
Feydreth's Memoirs

I can tell that the recent battle has taken tolls upon me. I awoke wondering why I am in Winterhaven, and why our kobold servant is staring at me with his beady little eyes. Frik soon made his purposes clear. He asked me for a dagger. Knowing his desire to join the order to which our paladin belongs, I tested him. “Steal Alain’s magical dagger, give it to me, and I will give you mine.” How heartily he agreed, and how eerily quiet was he when he left my presence. Within a few moments I had the dagger.

As we prepared for our trip to the Keep on the Shadowfell, I informed Alain that I had his dagger and informed Nicodemus that his disciple had sticky fingers. Understanding that honor must be demonstrated in order for one to learn it, I stuck by my end of the bargain and gave Frik a dagger, returning Alain’s to him.

As we traversed the countryside, I was musing in my head about our recent adventures. Waxing nostalgic, I realized that I was growing less detached and more fond of my fellow adventurers. All were stalwart companions in battle: Mika with her fireworks; Dara with her death-touch from afar; Alain and his command over undead minions; Nicodemus who defends us so well; and even Frik who annoys us into laughter most days. Yes, my companions are more like family than any I have known. My thoughts began to wind through our history together when I realized that we had passed through a gate in the mountain pass into a cemetary. Our guide was heading to the hills as quickly as she could! This is not good.

Had my musings not been so deep, perhaps my perception would have been clearer. But I indeed spotted a circle of fire upon the ground. I was sure of its circular nature and that it was on fire. Nicodemus and I exchanged glances, and in unison we cried “Circular fire thingy!” (I believe I could HEAR Mika roll her eyes.) And then came the zombies. We would have made quick work of them if a traitor was not at our heels. Our trusty guide had returned, but not to aide our fight. An arrow struck Dara in the back. Her elven blood burned hotter than the ring of fire on the ground. As we sliced and diced the zombies, Dara and Mika turned upon our new adversary. Soon they had brought her down from her lofty perch.

As an Eldarin who has been forced to take to a life of shady dealings, many conflicting thoughts run through my head. As I tied up the unconscious traitor, my high elven birth spoke to me of the integrity of all life, even the honor of death in battle for this woman. My professional upbringing pushed me towards pilfering and torture. My respect for my companions pushed me towards crude justice and revenge. I only took what we needed to cover our costs for this ranger’s trial. Mika sent a fox, and we hung our traitorous guide on the gate that she had used to entrap us. She will have time to think upon her actions!

Moving onward, we came upon a guard tower on the edge of the keep. A lone goblin soon felt the sting of Dara’s arrows and the icy hand of Mika reaching out to him. Frik and I practiced our stealth and “hiding dead bodies” skill.

Entering the keep was easy enough, but my rogue senses warned me that danger was upon us. Could it be the huge spider in a cage in the corner?! No, there was something odd about the floor. As I was surveying the ground, I moved some sand with my hands which pushed it away. To my surprise, the sand began to fall through a crack in the ground. I outlined trapdoors in the floor so others would not fall prey to it. Dara came in to help me search the place when that thing every thief dreads occurred. My companion tripped or bumped against something and the guards in the next room were alerted. They knew from the start we were not supposed to be there.

One began to run to warn his master, the other goblins bared their teeth. It was on! Dara and Mika focused on the runner. Nicodemus stepped in and drew the attention of the rest. I dropped the messenger who was hanging on by a thread. Alain ran in the room just in time to chase down another goblin who was running to unleash the giant spider. The goblin opened the door, and just as swiftly, Alain closed it. I was quite sure that in the middle of fighting two goblins, I saw Nicodemus smack one upside the head so hard that he fell into the pit! We cleaned up the rest of the guards, questioned the one in the pit, and freed the spider from his bonds…of life!

And here we sit, gathering our breath before plunging in after Kalarel and his legions of undead. I hope the next battle will go as well. But at least I now know that if I die, it will be protecting family. Enemies of Zardi’s Angels will soon find the Lifedrinker in their backs!

Honor, Glory and Useless Kobolds
The Word of Nicodemus

I have long doubted this day would come. So many of my Paladin brethren have fought and died trying to defend the righteous from the never ending onslaught of evil. This reality…this burden has been mine to bear. So many nights I’ve stared at Valor, studying the names engraved on the blade I hold. Marhaus the Defender, Agravaine the Protector, Lamorake, Gehris, Ewain, Palamore, Egtorain…so many lost. So many who shared my desire for glory in the defense of the weak. Many nights I’ve wondered who, in years to come, will be gazing upon this mighty blade reading the name Nicodemus. I waited for the day to come, for Valor has demanded victory, only to have seen defeat again and again. But, today…today the righteous have prevailed and glory has been earned through victory!! Today my friends and I have defended the life of Lord Markelhay and driven away his would be assassins. Our battle is won and for the first time in many nights, I can see a future beyond the glowing blade of Valor. I owe my friends more than they know. For I am free and a weight of great proportions has been lifted from me. We are victorious!!

The Events of the Day:

After dispatching the dragon and exiting the hellish Kobold hall, we decided to seek the advice and council of our employer, Baron Zardi. The Baron was intrigued at what we had discovered and interested in this wizard we’ve now seen on multiple occasions. I didn’t get to hear much of the conversation as I had to play nanny to a wretched Kobold that has grown rather attached to me. We decided that the best course of action was to immediately warn Lord Markelhay of the possible plot against his life. We found Markelhay just in time as he prepared to meet with some foreign traders. I pleaded with him not to leave the protection of his chambers, but he insisted on the meeting. He had hired additional guards and felt, what was to me, a false sense of security. I was surprised by his disregard for our warnings. We asked to join him as added protection and he welcomed our company.

As we entered the courtyard, my comrades and I surrounded Markelhay. All of us felt very uneasy. There were simply too many weapons and people around, about which Lord Markelhay knew little. I asked one of the guards to check out a barred wagon and make sure it was secure. The guard, apparently a blind, deaf, idiot, claimed it was completely clear…right before he was nearly trampled to death by a large, rather hairy beast bursting from its center. Even my Kobold friend could have seen or at least smelled the creature. Regardless, the plot was afoot. I immediately grabbed Markelhay and dragged him behind the battle while the others threw themselves between us and the assassins, fighting brilliantly. The large beast charged at us and swung at Markelhay. I challenged the creature to try his strength on me and before I could even raise my sword, two arrows lodged in his body, the tips piercing through and visible to me on his front side. Dara had seen him charging and dealt a serious blow. I could almost push him over at that point. But, as he fell, I heard Markelhay’s screams as poisoned arrows pierced his back from a guard behind us. I chanted and healed his wounds as quickly as I could before noticing the guard shift and reveal himself as Mallon Bladesinger.

The woman, who had been dealing with Markelhay was also an elf and seemed close to Mallon. They were worthy foes. I charged Mallon, only to be hit with some sort of magic that made me feel as if I was carrying Argos after a night of heavy drinking. I saw that Mallon was close to a horse and feared he would escape. I yelled for Frik to scare the horse away. I should have known he would prove rather useless at this and the horse kicked him across the courtyard. I think I heard Feydreth laughing at this point, but I was dazed. Regardless, Mallon did eventually escape, but without his lady friend. Feydreth, refusing to let her escape, gave chase and took her life as she tried to ride out of the gates.

The battle was over and we were victorious, but just. Markelhay had been injured serverly. However, with the help of our cleric friend, he survived. What a battle this was. I am eager to seek out Mallon and finish this. He will not escape so easily when we meet again.

From Kobolds to Elves
Mika's Musings

Much has happened since I have been able to write. It seems that one thing has happened after another, so that we have barely had time to rest at all. After I last wrote, we were once again meeting at the inn, when a band of kobolds attacked. We were able to defeat them, but not before they had run off with Kalla Brightlove. We of course followed them into the Cloakwood in order to save her. On our way, we ran into an elf named Mallon who had a band of thugs with him. He wanted to speak to Feydreth and Dara, apparently to get them to join him on some kind of mission. (Apparently only elves are good enough for him, not humans, even if they are wizards. Not that I would have joined him anyway…) They sensed that he was up to no good and we wondered if his gang was planning on attacking Lord Markelhay, so I sent a fox to warn Lady Allande, and then we carried on to Kobold Hall.

We were able to sneak into the hall undetected since I was able to stealthily remove the lookout (after Dara missed, I might add). Once inside, we had to fight our way through several rooms full of kobolds until we finally were able to release Kalla. She was very grateful and told us that the kobolds had been planning to use her as some kind of sacrifice in a secret room nearby.

After resting, we descended down into this room. Once there we encountered the image of the same dark wizard that we saw in the graveyard at Col Fen! We attempted to get information out of him, but could gain none before he summoned a dragon. I saw that this could go badly very quickly, especially since we were already worn out from fighting our way through Kobold Hall, despite having just rested, so I decided to take a gamble on a spell I had been working on. I began to sing my spell to the dragon, hoping to lull it to sleep…and it worked! We were then able to finish him off quickly. It was great work on my part, if I do say so myself. Afterward we were able to go through the dragon’s loot, which had been organized by this strange little kobold who ended up attaching himself to Nicodemus. I’m not particularly fond of traveling around with him, but I suppose there isn’t much else we can do.

After this we returned to the inn to update Baron Zardi and give him the orb which was projecting the dark wizard’s image to see if he could gain any further information about him. Then we proceeded to Lord Markelhay’s castle for fear that he might soon have a run in with Mallon. We were just in time. Lady Allande had left the castle for some kind of meeting and Lord Markelhay was about to meet with some merchants. Nicodemus tried to persuade him to put off the meeting, but he was insistent, so we went with him. The merchants turned out to be Mallon and his thugs along with another female elf and one huge man. Fortunately, we were surrounding Lord Markelhay and were able to defend him. Nicodemus defended Markelhay well and he and I finished off the Berserker, while Feydreth and Dara went after the female elf, whom they were able to take down, due to Feydreth’s persistence. Mallon himself was able to get away, but not before I was able to cast acid arrow on him. (That will show him not to underestimate wizards).

Lord Markelhay was very grateful and rewarded us with a strange puzzle box that he said can be opened only by one who is destined to defeat evil. We decided that we needed to rest before giving it a try, but I am confident that I will be able to open the box when I have my chance.

From Bad to Worse
Feydreth's Memoirs

I have often thought to myself that there is nothing more annoying than a member of your war party whispering and fondling his sword! Well, I was wrong! I have found something much more annoying. The overgrown lizard that has attached himself to my Paladin friend who continually asks to sort my lockpicks according to size and shape and who praises every little move of the paladin is much more annoying than Valor on its most moody day. That’s right. Worse than the time that Valor would sing “Kiss Me Deadly” during the battle in Kobold Hall! Worse than the day that it sang “I Want to Know What Love Is” when the paladin walked away from camp to relieve himself, followed by “I Want to Run Away…” when Nicodemus returned. First a moody sword. Now an OCD kobold!

But I meander. After consulting with Baron Zardi, we thought it most important to warn Markelhay of impending doom. The Lady has some intuition, but Lord Markelhay is devoid of reading elves or humans. As we feared, when we arrived, Markelhay had a meeting with a trader woman. We insisted upon protecting him, and I am glad we did. A daring plot had been hatched to overthrow the noble. In the courtyard we were ambushed. There was an overgrown human who almost did Markhelhay in. My companions made short work of him. Mallon Bladesinger and his former girlfriend before Dara also laid some good blows. Our defense was stout enough, though barely. Both of the elves taunted us before they departed. Unfortunately, the scorned woman took to long to utter threats against Dara. I dispatched her from the mortal world. She will wander in darkness for many a long year now. Mallon was none too pleased! We will have to deal with him someday, as he escaped us!

The one good thing in all of this is that there is relief in the eyes of Nicodemus. He protected Markelhay well. I know he was itching for battle, but he dared not leave Markelhay far behind. For a human, he is loyal and trustworthy. Dara has begun to love the feel of a sword in her hand. She is an elf whom evil must reckon with. Mika is not to be trifled with either. Her hands burn hot and cold at will. Alain has become a great protector and healer. If he will stay sober and face his beleaguered past, he will be a stout defender of his faith. I feel this band of warriors is worthy to be affiliated with…as long as that dratted kobold will leave my tools alone!

Paladin: Breakfast of Champions
The Word of Nicodemus

When I woke this day, I didn’t expect to be on the menu of a dragon. It seems, however, the unexpected is rather common for our line of work. After a brief rest, we continued through the Kobold caves in search of Kalla Brightlove. We came to a room with high walls in the center and far end. As we entered the room, several Kobolds attacked us from the far side. I attempted to climb the middle walls to get a better view of the room. It took me a minute or two, but I managed to get to the top. As I stood up, I could see down into a chamber. Kalla! She was being held in the center room and before I could attempt a rescue, two Kobolds who had been guarding her leaped to either side of me. Alain and Feydreth advanced into the room, taking cover from the ranged attacks of the other Kobolds. As they moved forward, a guard drake lept from an alcove and attacked. As Alain battled with the drake, Feydreth slipped by him and engaged the three Kobolds on the far side. Dara’s arrows flew from the doorway, whisking by all of us and striking Kobolds left and right and Mika scorched the beasts from a distance. It was a glorious battle!

I sliced through one of the Kobolds on the center wall and as his scaly body fell in two pieces to the floor, I noticed Feydreth slip behind another Kobold on a step below me. He struck it and pushed it off it’s perch knocking it in the way of a boulder trap that had been triggered. It was a cunning move. The confused Kobold screeched as the boulder rolled over him. He was stunned at what had happened, though still alive. We didn’t have time to enjoy the moment, however, as the other two kobolds jumped at Feydreth in retaliation. The kobolds were surrounding him and the third kobold he had knocked to the floor was also moving in for some revenge. I lept from the wall to join in the fight and even the odds. Together we continued finishing off the vile creatures and Feydreth was able to recover from their attempts to overwhelm him. I must say, it was rather interesting at one point, as Feydreth flipped over one of the kobolds, landed next to me and continued fighting. Rather impressive. His athletic abilities are improving.

It was at this moment that I felt heard Valor’s whispers. To those who haven’t held this sword in battle, it will be hard to understand. I could feel its pull to glory. I had a flash of the image of Kalla in the center room and an overwhelming feeling that I couldn’t leave her there. I thought of nothing else at that moment and rushed to the door. I knew, as we had all seen, that the boulder trap continued to circle the center room and it was approaching my position. But I was driven to get that door open and save Kalla. I regret having left Feydreth’s side during battle. A realization that didn’t even come to me until long after the moment. I could only think of the rescue. I charged to the door, but couldn’t get in at first. The boulder rounded the corner and I had to back away or be crushed by it. As I moved back toward Feydreth, my mind became clear again and we continued the fight until all of the Kobolds had been eliminated. Alain and Mika finished off the guard drake and the room fell silent. I immediately returned to the door, as Feydreth disabled the boulder trap. This time the door gave way and Kalla was free.

She informed us that she had seen a Kobold priest entering and leaving a small door on the far wall. He always appeared terrified of what was inside. She requested a wand from Mika and asked to join us as we entered the next room. As we entered, we saw none other than the wizard we had seen at Col Fen. Yes, the same wizard that I have mentioned no one seeming to care much about at the time. He was still only in an image form, but was not very happy to see us. Apparently, he also owned a very real dragon. A white dragon, who likes meaty Paladins it seems. The dragon came out of the shadows unexpectedly and we would all have been caught by surprise if not for Alain’s sharp senses. As the dragon approached us, we spread out. His strength and power was undeniable. With a quick flash of ice breath, Alain and Mika were frozen in place. Dara was hit next and stunned by the dragons attack. Several of us were able to hit the beast, but nothing seemed to phase it. Alain and I had both strengthened all of our defenses, but it wasn’t enough. As the dragon moved closer to our stunned friends, I had to do something. I ran to him and thrust my sword at his white scales. It wasn’t enough and the dragon simply looked at me and drooled at the prospect of a good meal. Before I could even think to get out of the way, he struck me with both claws and I was only just able to evade his jaws as they slammed shut above my head. With that, I was seriously wounded and thought the end would be near. It was then that Feydreth jumped into the fray and stabbed the dragon from behind. He gave me a look as if to say, “now we’re even.”

We then heard a strange chanting from Mika. It was as though she was humming or singing, but in draconic. I turned to see the dragon slowing in front of me. It stood for a moment, motionless and then sunk to the floor. Mika had put a white dragon to sleep! Never without surprises, that wizard. At that point all of us unleashed our anger on the beast and finished it off. Kalla healed each of us and we searched the cavern. I searched several boxes along the wall in the back of the cave when I heard a rustling and whimpering. I moved a large chest and found a sniveling Kobold hiding. My first instinct was to destroy it, but it begged for mercy. He was a slave and had been punished by the wizard. He helped us find the dragon scale Argos was looking for and also several other items and gold. The only problem? He insists he is now my servant. Great. The rogue will have lots of fun with this one.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Feydreth's Memoirs

Some would think this journal entry would be about me, Valor, and Nicodemus; but they would be wrong. After a brief rest to bind wounds and readjust our gear, we started off to kill more kobolds. We entered a very strange room. There was a room in the center of the larger room. Two raised platforms adorned two walls and an alcove stood within the other. Upon the platform in the opposite wall three of the more powerful kobold-types stood ready for our attack. We rushed in, using the room in the center as cover from any missile attacks from said kobolds. That’s when the guard drake came out of the alcove.

My speed allowed me to run past the drake and stop the kobolds from attacking us with ranged weapons. I was able to push one kobold down in the path of a boulder-trap. If the boulder was heavier, it would have crushed the little guy. I paid for that move as two kobolds hit me hard. Nicodemus and Dara were taking care of kobolds that appeared atop the walls of the room in the center. Alain locked horns with the drake, and Mika began blasting the wormpriest.

Despite his grumblings about me, Nicodemus proved again to be a true comrade as he jumped off of the wall and joined my fray. Using his size and shiny sword to distract the kobolds, I was able to move around and plant swords in their backs. Soon, all of us were able to defeat our foes and we released Kalla from her imprisonment. The Good was her release and willingness to help us.

It seems that the priest would go into a secret door from time to time and exit in a scared manor. Sacrifices were taken with him. We met the Bad when we trotted down to a cold subterranean chamber with a frozen lake. The wizard from Col Fen was here. Well, his image was. He was miffed at our presence and sicked a dragon upon us. I have never faced a dragon before, but I knew the best way not to die was for the party to split up. Mika and I took off for the cover of some rock outcroppings. The worm’s icy blast froze some of our party members in their tracks. Nicodemus ran right up to the beast. No one could believe his daring, or was it stupidity. I was not about to leave him alone after he rescued me in the last battle. Mika spoke some words to the dragon that seemed to have some effect. I thought she was singing to it. She reminded me of my mother when I was young, when it was time to sleep and I could not settle down. My mom used to sing this song…

Before yesterday, I had never backstabbed a dragon. But I ran up behind him and stuck my sword right into the joint where the tail meets the body. This was the second time I had dealt good damage to this beast. Yet, it did not scream; it did not turn and spout ice upon me. The dragon’s mom must have sung the same song to this dragon, as it fell asleep. Right in the middle of combat. Mika is a greater weaver of magic than any of us realized. We made short work of the (sleeping) dragon.

Now for the ugly. As Nicodemus searched through some boxes looking for Argos’ dragon scales, he found a new little friend. A kobold, left to die among the rubbish, begged Nicodemus for his life and promised to be his servant. First, Nicodemus helped to save me when I was in trouble. Next, he stood toe to toe with a dragon. Now he has a sniveling servant. His ego will be unstoppable. Mark my words! The only bright side is that Valor is a jealous girlfriend. It will not allow anyone to distract Nicodemus from his sword-love.

Today was a good day! Mission accomplished! We survived.

Of Skulls and Slime
Feydreth's Memoirs

Sleeping in the woods with our party reminds me of how much I enjoy the comfort of separate rooms at an inn. Nicodemus’s constant conversation with his sword and sidelong glances at me; Mika freezing everything in sight, then scorching it in turn; the cleric’s constant “I’m a bear! No, I’m a man!” routine; and my elven friend saying, “See those eyes glowing in the dark,” the twang of her bow and the howl of some woodland creature, and the eyes disappear. It’s enough to make me shudder. If only I could re-enter the Fey kingdom permanently…

Traveling onward, Dara spotted the kobold look-out before the rest of us. But it was Mika that put that miserable creature out of our miseries. The entrance to Kobold Hall, we found easily enough. I am afraid our presence was noted as soon as we went underground. I must say that with the thrill of battle lately, I have begun to rush headlong into trouble. I set off a dart trap in the crypt. My comrades found some of the other trigger mechanisms. I had no time to disarm them because of the impending danger. Three spear throwing kobolds and one spiker began to play hide and seek in and out of the tunnels. After shish-kabobbing one of the last kobolds, I felt a little better about myself.

We interrupted a game of “Skull skull” in the adjoining room. The score ended Angels 8, Kobolds and drakes 1/2 Rogue. We are now catching our breath, ready to find our beloved barmaid. If they harm her, the kobolds shall pay. If she is released to us unharmed, the kobolds shall pay! There is no doubt. Their fate is sealed!

Party Crashers
The (Real) Word of Nicodemus

After having informed Faren Markelhay of the dangers lurking in his city and hearing his lack of interest in anything but Kobolds, we decided to return and give news to the Baron. I’m not sure if Markelhay will last the month. He is being heavily plotted against and seems to be unaware of his own surroundings. Regardless, we met again at the tavern and found Argos Stoneheart still pounding one drink after another. He truly is distraught about his lost dragon item to Kobold thieves. We spoke briefly to him and informed him that we had short business to attend to with the Baron, but would return to find him justice.

We didn’t even have time to say more than two words to the Baron when we heard an enormous crash and scream. We all ran out to find the door to the main room blocked and sealed from the inside. I immediately tried to break it down, but only the top of the door gave way. Something heavy was holding the bottom and I couldn’t move it. At this point I noticed Feydreth was gone and I assumed he was finding another way in. I attempted again to break the door, but then heard Alain yell to move. His yell grew and became a roar and I watched his shape and size shift into a bear! He smashed the door and gave a roar that terrified the enemy we could now see. Kobolds and lots of them. We all poured into the tavern and noticed Kalla Brightlove was missing and Argos was on the ground unconscious. It was his alcohol filled body blocking the door. We charged into battle. Alain in bear form was an amazing site as he ripped apart the shocked and terrified Kobolds in his range. They surrounded him and I jumped in to fight alongside. I called to them and challenged them to face me. I noticed Valor flashing blue as though in sync with my rage. The Kobolds seemed to focus on it and me, for that matter. I was soon surrounded.

I noticed Feydreth taking shots at unsuspecting Kobolds from the doorway. He had gone around the building and showed impressive strategy. Dara showed her usual skill with the bow and Mika torched many of the kobolds. We watched as they ran around on fire. The leader, however, was hitting us very hard from the back of the room and I couldn’t get to him. Valor continued to flash and draw more and more of the kobolds around me. Perhaps this was more than I could handle. Dara and Feydreth took aim at the leader and finally took him down, though not before Feydreth was set ablaze. He continued fighting and stabbing as the flames burned his armor. Personally, I think he was just going for style points. I always that he was a flamer. Just to make him feel better, I commanded Valor to burst into flames and waived it at Feydreth. “See…I have fire too,” I yelled.

Though I enjoyed it, making fun of Feydreth would have to wait. I stood surrounded by three of four of the remaining Kobolds. They attacked and I felt a spear pierce my armor, then another, then a sword. Alain continued attacking and took out one of my foes. The other two were also defeated, but not before I was nearly finished. Once the battle ended, most of us were very hurt. Feydreth was quite wounded by the flames and the attacks. Alain also took much of the brunt of these foes, especially after charging in as the bear. Thankfully, with Alain and my healing powers we survived, but just. Elsus asked us to go after Kalla and healed us all. He equipped us with helpful tools, armor, amulets and other items. We headed off as fast as we could to find Kalla. Feydreth had seen someone leaving the tavern at the start of the battle, so Dara began tracking them.

We found ourselves in the woods known for being Kobold territory. As we continued tracking the kidnappers, we were stopped by another elf and several humans. They looked like the bad sort. Not some I would expect an elf to be around. He challenged our path and demanded to know our business. I told him only that he was in our way and that we were trying to save a friend. He again demanded to know more. An innocent was in danger and he is preventing us from saving her. I was growing irritated at this delay and his arrogance. I told him that I was a Paladin of the Order of the Silver Hand and that we are on a quest to save a woman taken by Kobolds. He should help us or move aside. I introduced my comrades and he took quite an interest in Feydreth and Dara…particularly Dara. He asked them to parley with him and they stepped away. I was growing impatient, but could tell by Feydreth’s and Dara’s reactions that this elf was not winning them over. I saw him give them each something and they walked back our way. He agreed to let us continue and warned us of the Kobolds in these woods and their superior numbers. He gave us a path to take that would keep us away from the more traveled roads.

I was glad to see the elf and his thugs move on. At that point, Dara and Mika decided to send word to Lady Allande Markelhay about this mysterious elf and his companions. We believe he may be raising an army of sorts to overthrow her husband. He had asked Feydreth and Dara to consider joining him. After sending a fox to the Markelhay’s, we decided to take the elf’s advice and use the path going around the lake to the north. We will have to camp here for the night and I only hope Kalla is still alive.

The Words of Nicodemus
according to Feydreth

(I thought I would help my large paladin friend out.) It was another smashing day! It began with Valor singing to me as I awoke… I was waxing eloquent in front of Baron Zardi when we heard a loud crash. Feydreth disappeared, probably to go and steal stuff while I was not looking. The door leading into the main drinking hall was blocked. This angered the cleric, and might explain what soon happened. I pushed on the door with my massive biceps, but became distracted by them and forgot what I was doing. I began to bang my head upon the door, which was starting to work. But the cleric had had enough. His detox had gone too far; he transmogrified into a bear, and burst through the door. Inside, it upset me because it took the attention off of my biceps. As I began to sob, though, my pecotrals began to shake which gave me renewed confidence…Valor was also singing to me sweetly. So I got into the room, killed everyone, and saved my party. Feydreth sneaked back into the room wearing all sorts of new jewelry and such. I made him return it. What else is there to say? I am sure someone somewhere is getting a statue ready for me, but it will take awhile for them to find enough stone to make it lifesize! I have exhausted my memories as well as my vocabulary. Until next time…


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