Simple farmer


Surean (owner of Surean’s Farm)was given an old map as an inheritance from his adventuring uncle Ganilar. His uncle disappeared over a year ago, and all presume him dead. So his will was found and his small cache of valuables distributed to his relatives.

The map he found is rumored to lead to a fabulous (but possibly cursed) treasure. On the back side of the map are several runes that no one has yet deciphered.

Surean bragged about his map and his plans to become an adventurer to his “friends” last night after having a few too many drinks. Word soon got out, and a large group of Goblins came to claim the map.

After an intense battle, the Goblins were defeated, and Surean made it to the tavern safe and sound. He gave the map to Elsus, and was paid a nice sum for it. Baron Zardi has also offered him protection until the danger is over.


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