Mallon Bladesinger

Elven Ranger


Mallon is the leader of a mercenary group, though their mission is currently unknown. He was in the Cloak Wood, attempting to hire various thieves and thugs to assist him, and tried to convince Dara and Feydreth to join him.

He gave them a few gifts as bribes, and advised them that they could find him at the Silver Unicorn Inn for the next three days.

He also gave them information about several paths through the forest, and which one they could take to avoid further Kobold raiding parties.

Several days later, Mallon’s gang was defeated in their attempt to assassinate Faren Markelhay. Mallon escaped, but the rest of his gang were killed.


Leader of the Mercenaries, Mallon is a dangerous individual. He has been assigned a “political” mission (likely the assassination of Faren Markelhay), and is looking for capable individuals to hire to assist him. He has had to hire a large group of human fighters, much to his dismay. He’s a bit of a racist and prefers to work with elves whenever possible. He will pay Dara and Feydreth more than the other humans with him if they will join him.

If they decide to join him, he encourages them to hurry, his mission will be over very soon. He can be found at the Silver Unicorn Inn.

Mallon Bladesinger

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