Faren Markelhay

Lord Warden of Fallcrest


A balding, middle-aged man with a keen mind and a dry wit. He inherited the Lord Warden title, as has been his family’s tradition since Aranda Markelhay founded the town almost 300 years ago.

He is a fair and just ruler, but there are factions within the city that are unhappy with his administration.

He is very interested in news from the other regions of the Vale. His current focus is on the vicious kobold attacks made recently on the King’s Road. He is also concerned with the advancement of goblins into previously safe areas. He has contacted an emissary from the Daggerburg clan of goblins hoping to shed some light on their intentions.

He was quite suprised and upset at the mention of undead rising in the village of Nenlast.

He is married to Lady Allande Markelhay, a highly intelligent wizard who assists him with her keen insight and perception.

There is a secret plot by Armin Kamroth and his associates to overthrow the Lord Warden and appoint Kamroth in his place.

Faren Markelhay

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