Argos Stoneheart

Dwarven Blacksmith


A Dwarven Fighter, who used to adventure with Elsus Bloodstone. He retired as well, and became a blacksmith. He acts as a bouncer in the tavern when needed, but mostly keeps to himself.

He is a highly-skilled blacksmith, and loves weapons, especially blades.

Through his research, he was able to determine the origin of Valor, the legendary sword once owned by Ganilar and now carried by Nicodemus. He also belives the sword is cursed, but the full extent of the curse is yet to be determined.

He purchased a green dragon hide at great expense, but the caravan that was to deliver it to Fallcrest was intercepted by a kobold raiding party. He was intending to turn it into a fine suit of scale armor, but now that it’s lost, has taken to drinking heavily in the tavern.


Argos Stoneheart

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