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Party Crashers

The (Real) Word of Nicodemus

After having informed Faren Markelhay of the dangers lurking in his city and hearing his lack of interest in anything but Kobolds, we decided to return and give news to the Baron. I’m not sure if Markelhay will last the month. He is being heavily plotted against and seems to be unaware of his own surroundings. Regardless, we met again at the tavern and found Argos Stoneheart still pounding one drink after another. He truly is distraught about his lost dragon item to Kobold thieves. We spoke briefly to him and informed him that we had short business to attend to with the Baron, but would return to find him justice.

We didn’t even have time to say more than two words to the Baron when we heard an enormous crash and scream. We all ran out to find the door to the main room blocked and sealed from the inside. I immediately tried to break it down, but only the top of the door gave way. Something heavy was holding the bottom and I couldn’t move it. At this point I noticed Feydreth was gone and I assumed he was finding another way in. I attempted again to break the door, but then heard Alain yell to move. His yell grew and became a roar and I watched his shape and size shift into a bear! He smashed the door and gave a roar that terrified the enemy we could now see. Kobolds and lots of them. We all poured into the tavern and noticed Kalla Brightlove was missing and Argos was on the ground unconscious. It was his alcohol filled body blocking the door. We charged into battle. Alain in bear form was an amazing site as he ripped apart the shocked and terrified Kobolds in his range. They surrounded him and I jumped in to fight alongside. I called to them and challenged them to face me. I noticed Valor flashing blue as though in sync with my rage. The Kobolds seemed to focus on it and me, for that matter. I was soon surrounded.

I noticed Feydreth taking shots at unsuspecting Kobolds from the doorway. He had gone around the building and showed impressive strategy. Dara showed her usual skill with the bow and Mika torched many of the kobolds. We watched as they ran around on fire. The leader, however, was hitting us very hard from the back of the room and I couldn’t get to him. Valor continued to flash and draw more and more of the kobolds around me. Perhaps this was more than I could handle. Dara and Feydreth took aim at the leader and finally took him down, though not before Feydreth was set ablaze. He continued fighting and stabbing as the flames burned his armor. Personally, I think he was just going for style points. I always that he was a flamer. Just to make him feel better, I commanded Valor to burst into flames and waived it at Feydreth. “See…I have fire too,” I yelled.

Though I enjoyed it, making fun of Feydreth would have to wait. I stood surrounded by three of four of the remaining Kobolds. They attacked and I felt a spear pierce my armor, then another, then a sword. Alain continued attacking and took out one of my foes. The other two were also defeated, but not before I was nearly finished. Once the battle ended, most of us were very hurt. Feydreth was quite wounded by the flames and the attacks. Alain also took much of the brunt of these foes, especially after charging in as the bear. Thankfully, with Alain and my healing powers we survived, but just. Elsus asked us to go after Kalla and healed us all. He equipped us with helpful tools, armor, amulets and other items. We headed off as fast as we could to find Kalla. Feydreth had seen someone leaving the tavern at the start of the battle, so Dara began tracking them.

We found ourselves in the woods known for being Kobold territory. As we continued tracking the kidnappers, we were stopped by another elf and several humans. They looked like the bad sort. Not some I would expect an elf to be around. He challenged our path and demanded to know our business. I told him only that he was in our way and that we were trying to save a friend. He again demanded to know more. An innocent was in danger and he is preventing us from saving her. I was growing irritated at this delay and his arrogance. I told him that I was a Paladin of the Order of the Silver Hand and that we are on a quest to save a woman taken by Kobolds. He should help us or move aside. I introduced my comrades and he took quite an interest in Feydreth and Dara…particularly Dara. He asked them to parley with him and they stepped away. I was growing impatient, but could tell by Feydreth’s and Dara’s reactions that this elf was not winning them over. I saw him give them each something and they walked back our way. He agreed to let us continue and warned us of the Kobolds in these woods and their superior numbers. He gave us a path to take that would keep us away from the more traveled roads.

I was glad to see the elf and his thugs move on. At that point, Dara and Mika decided to send word to Lady Allande Markelhay about this mysterious elf and his companions. We believe he may be raising an army of sorts to overthrow her husband. He had asked Feydreth and Dara to consider joining him. After sending a fox to the Markelhay’s, we decided to take the elf’s advice and use the path going around the lake to the north. We will have to camp here for the night and I only hope Kalla is still alive.


vancerutherford Nicodemus

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