Zardi's Angels

The Words of Nicodemus

according to Feydreth

(I thought I would help my large paladin friend out.) It was another smashing day! It began with Valor singing to me as I awoke… I was waxing eloquent in front of Baron Zardi when we heard a loud crash. Feydreth disappeared, probably to go and steal stuff while I was not looking. The door leading into the main drinking hall was blocked. This angered the cleric, and might explain what soon happened. I pushed on the door with my massive biceps, but became distracted by them and forgot what I was doing. I began to bang my head upon the door, which was starting to work. But the cleric had had enough. His detox had gone too far; he transmogrified into a bear, and burst through the door. Inside, it upset me because it took the attention off of my biceps. As I began to sob, though, my pecotrals began to shake which gave me renewed confidence…Valor was also singing to me sweetly. So I got into the room, killed everyone, and saved my party. Feydreth sneaked back into the room wearing all sorts of new jewelry and such. I made him return it. What else is there to say? I am sure someone somewhere is getting a statue ready for me, but it will take awhile for them to find enough stone to make it lifesize! I have exhausted my memories as well as my vocabulary. Until next time…


ha. I couldn’t have written it better myself.

The Words of Nicodemus
vancerutherford jccollier

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