Zardi's Angels

Of Skulls and Slime

Feydreth's Memoirs

Sleeping in the woods with our party reminds me of how much I enjoy the comfort of separate rooms at an inn. Nicodemus’s constant conversation with his sword and sidelong glances at me; Mika freezing everything in sight, then scorching it in turn; the cleric’s constant “I’m a bear! No, I’m a man!” routine; and my elven friend saying, “See those eyes glowing in the dark,” the twang of her bow and the howl of some woodland creature, and the eyes disappear. It’s enough to make me shudder. If only I could re-enter the Fey kingdom permanently…

Traveling onward, Dara spotted the kobold look-out before the rest of us. But it was Mika that put that miserable creature out of our miseries. The entrance to Kobold Hall, we found easily enough. I am afraid our presence was noted as soon as we went underground. I must say that with the thrill of battle lately, I have begun to rush headlong into trouble. I set off a dart trap in the crypt. My comrades found some of the other trigger mechanisms. I had no time to disarm them because of the impending danger. Three spear throwing kobolds and one spiker began to play hide and seek in and out of the tunnels. After shish-kabobbing one of the last kobolds, I felt a little better about myself.

We interrupted a game of “Skull skull” in the adjoining room. The score ended Angels 8, Kobolds and drakes 1/2 Rogue. We are now catching our breath, ready to find our beloved barmaid. If they harm her, the kobolds shall pay. If she is released to us unharmed, the kobolds shall pay! There is no doubt. Their fate is sealed!


You must forgive my companions. They are too scared to write in their journals in this dark dungeon. I heard a certain paladin in the group whispering to his sword – “Please help me. I am frightened…What? I should be nicer to the thief?! Are you kidding me! What kind of advice is that? Sometimes you say the silliest things, Valor. Thank you, I am not quite as frightened anymore. If I was any less scared, I might write in my ADVENTURE JOURNAL!!!”

Of Skulls and Slime
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