Zardi's Angels

Illiteracy High Among Adventurers

Feydreth's Memoirs

(It seems that at some point during our adventures, some evil mage has cast a “cannot write” spell upon us. It has been 4 months since an adventure log post!!!)

We have been in this cursed building long enough. I want to feel natural earth under my feet once again. Traps, enchantments, and undead is all we have found here…and some enormous oozing creature.

There must be something to this “god” thing. Nicodemus has such faith, and now we find ourselves in an old building dedicated to his deity. I almost die fighting an ooze-thing. Nicodemus gets a shield! We get attacked by undead…and Nicodemus finds his deity made into action figures! I always figured religion was a money-making scheme. So here I walk through the underground maze carrying a dragon mini in my pocket. Boy do I feel foolish!

Alain has proven himself a mighty warrior for good and life! His turnings of these undead creatures has saved our hides. Alain speaks, and the creatures burst into these vessels of light that seems to eat at them from the inside. Indeed, the gods of good do good things for their followers.

I guess it’s time I serve someone greater than myself…(even though that’s hard to find.)


vancerutherford jccollier

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