Zardi's Angels

Honor, Glory and Useless Kobolds

The Word of Nicodemus

I have long doubted this day would come. So many of my Paladin brethren have fought and died trying to defend the righteous from the never ending onslaught of evil. This reality…this burden has been mine to bear. So many nights I’ve stared at Valor, studying the names engraved on the blade I hold. Marhaus the Defender, Agravaine the Protector, Lamorake, Gehris, Ewain, Palamore, Egtorain…so many lost. So many who shared my desire for glory in the defense of the weak. Many nights I’ve wondered who, in years to come, will be gazing upon this mighty blade reading the name Nicodemus. I waited for the day to come, for Valor has demanded victory, only to have seen defeat again and again. But, today…today the righteous have prevailed and glory has been earned through victory!! Today my friends and I have defended the life of Lord Markelhay and driven away his would be assassins. Our battle is won and for the first time in many nights, I can see a future beyond the glowing blade of Valor. I owe my friends more than they know. For I am free and a weight of great proportions has been lifted from me. We are victorious!!

The Events of the Day:

After dispatching the dragon and exiting the hellish Kobold hall, we decided to seek the advice and council of our employer, Baron Zardi. The Baron was intrigued at what we had discovered and interested in this wizard we’ve now seen on multiple occasions. I didn’t get to hear much of the conversation as I had to play nanny to a wretched Kobold that has grown rather attached to me. We decided that the best course of action was to immediately warn Lord Markelhay of the possible plot against his life. We found Markelhay just in time as he prepared to meet with some foreign traders. I pleaded with him not to leave the protection of his chambers, but he insisted on the meeting. He had hired additional guards and felt, what was to me, a false sense of security. I was surprised by his disregard for our warnings. We asked to join him as added protection and he welcomed our company.

As we entered the courtyard, my comrades and I surrounded Markelhay. All of us felt very uneasy. There were simply too many weapons and people around, about which Lord Markelhay knew little. I asked one of the guards to check out a barred wagon and make sure it was secure. The guard, apparently a blind, deaf, idiot, claimed it was completely clear…right before he was nearly trampled to death by a large, rather hairy beast bursting from its center. Even my Kobold friend could have seen or at least smelled the creature. Regardless, the plot was afoot. I immediately grabbed Markelhay and dragged him behind the battle while the others threw themselves between us and the assassins, fighting brilliantly. The large beast charged at us and swung at Markelhay. I challenged the creature to try his strength on me and before I could even raise my sword, two arrows lodged in his body, the tips piercing through and visible to me on his front side. Dara had seen him charging and dealt a serious blow. I could almost push him over at that point. But, as he fell, I heard Markelhay’s screams as poisoned arrows pierced his back from a guard behind us. I chanted and healed his wounds as quickly as I could before noticing the guard shift and reveal himself as Mallon Bladesinger.

The woman, who had been dealing with Markelhay was also an elf and seemed close to Mallon. They were worthy foes. I charged Mallon, only to be hit with some sort of magic that made me feel as if I was carrying Argos after a night of heavy drinking. I saw that Mallon was close to a horse and feared he would escape. I yelled for Frik to scare the horse away. I should have known he would prove rather useless at this and the horse kicked him across the courtyard. I think I heard Feydreth laughing at this point, but I was dazed. Regardless, Mallon did eventually escape, but without his lady friend. Feydreth, refusing to let her escape, gave chase and took her life as she tried to ride out of the gates.

The battle was over and we were victorious, but just. Markelhay had been injured serverly. However, with the help of our cleric friend, he survived. What a battle this was. I am eager to seek out Mallon and finish this. He will not escape so easily when we meet again.


Perhaps now we will get some sleep without Nicodemus singing to his sword or speaking softly to it in the middle of the night. I believe he purposefully comes close to me while I am standing under the stars and then belts out a Wagner-like battle song while looking at Valor! What an odd sense of humor! I do believe the gods have returned a prank upon him with little Frik. I would have extinguished Frik’s life long ago if he were not such a bane to our Paladin. (And I guess every travelling band needs a manager…)

Honor, Glory and Useless Kobolds
vancerutherford Nicodemus

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