Zardi's Angels

From Kobolds to Elves

Mika's Musings

Much has happened since I have been able to write. It seems that one thing has happened after another, so that we have barely had time to rest at all. After I last wrote, we were once again meeting at the inn, when a band of kobolds attacked. We were able to defeat them, but not before they had run off with Kalla Brightlove. We of course followed them into the Cloakwood in order to save her. On our way, we ran into an elf named Mallon who had a band of thugs with him. He wanted to speak to Feydreth and Dara, apparently to get them to join him on some kind of mission. (Apparently only elves are good enough for him, not humans, even if they are wizards. Not that I would have joined him anyway…) They sensed that he was up to no good and we wondered if his gang was planning on attacking Lord Markelhay, so I sent a fox to warn Lady Allande, and then we carried on to Kobold Hall.

We were able to sneak into the hall undetected since I was able to stealthily remove the lookout (after Dara missed, I might add). Once inside, we had to fight our way through several rooms full of kobolds until we finally were able to release Kalla. She was very grateful and told us that the kobolds had been planning to use her as some kind of sacrifice in a secret room nearby.

After resting, we descended down into this room. Once there we encountered the image of the same dark wizard that we saw in the graveyard at Col Fen! We attempted to get information out of him, but could gain none before he summoned a dragon. I saw that this could go badly very quickly, especially since we were already worn out from fighting our way through Kobold Hall, despite having just rested, so I decided to take a gamble on a spell I had been working on. I began to sing my spell to the dragon, hoping to lull it to sleep…and it worked! We were then able to finish him off quickly. It was great work on my part, if I do say so myself. Afterward we were able to go through the dragon’s loot, which had been organized by this strange little kobold who ended up attaching himself to Nicodemus. I’m not particularly fond of traveling around with him, but I suppose there isn’t much else we can do.

After this we returned to the inn to update Baron Zardi and give him the orb which was projecting the dark wizard’s image to see if he could gain any further information about him. Then we proceeded to Lord Markelhay’s castle for fear that he might soon have a run in with Mallon. We were just in time. Lady Allande had left the castle for some kind of meeting and Lord Markelhay was about to meet with some merchants. Nicodemus tried to persuade him to put off the meeting, but he was insistent, so we went with him. The merchants turned out to be Mallon and his thugs along with another female elf and one huge man. Fortunately, we were surrounding Lord Markelhay and were able to defend him. Nicodemus defended Markelhay well and he and I finished off the Berserker, while Feydreth and Dara went after the female elf, whom they were able to take down, due to Feydreth’s persistence. Mallon himself was able to get away, but not before I was able to cast acid arrow on him. (That will show him not to underestimate wizards).

Lord Markelhay was very grateful and rewarded us with a strange puzzle box that he said can be opened only by one who is destined to defeat evil. We decided that we needed to rest before giving it a try, but I am confident that I will be able to open the box when I have my chance.


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